Gear Guide: Club Car Precedent to Launch in July


Gear Guide: Club Car Precedent to Launch in July


Best-in-Class EFI Engines, Chargers, Range and More

Whether you own a plantation in coastal South Carolina, a ranch in the Texas Hill Country, or an oceanfront estate in California, your property has a uniquely American story to tell. The best way to share that tale is through the sights, scents and sounds that make it all so magnificent. Golf cars are ideal for this mission, especially the new 2015 Club Car Precedent, launching in July. And this American classic will now be available in a new stretch model with four forward-facing seats. So you can point out the stunning features of your vistas without twisting and turning toward rear-facing passengers.

Powerful Electric Vehicles that Virtually Eliminate Charging Errors

To preserve the peace and tranquility of your land, consider a quiet electric Precedent golf car. The improved Excel™ electric system delivers 10 percent more capacity and range than competitive models, and it works with our new solid-state, high-frequency battery known as ERIC (Efficient. Reliable. Intelligent. Connected).

ERIC accommodates the widest voltage range in the industry, works globally and keeps charging even during power fluctuations, a common problem in remote areas. What’s more:

  • Audio and visual alerts tell you when the car is charging, the state of charge, when the car is fully charged and if there’s a problem.
  • An LED dash light warns you when the battery pack falls to 20 then 10 percent capacity, so you won’t get stranded.
  • Once the battery is charged, ERIC monitors it and delivers juice as needed. Your car will be ready when you are, even if you visit your property infrequently.


Unsurpassed EFI Engines that Can Stand up to Demanding Terrain

New 2015 gasoline Precedent golf cars can zip up rolling hills, across fields and into the woods, thanks to a finely-tuned Subaru 14-hp-rated, 404 cc single-cylinder engine with a unique set of features, including electronic fuel injection (EFI). EFI eliminates carburetors and chokes, so the engine starts right up and automatically adjusts to altitude. No jets required.

The engine also features:

  • Automotive-style overhead cams that reduce vibration and increase reliability. Other manufacturers still use outdated pushrod engines.
  • A hemispherical head design that boosts horsepower, torque and fuel economy.
  • A splash lubrication system that eliminates the need to buy and dispose of oil filters.

The end result? At least 30 percent greater horsepower, fuel efficiency and range than previous Precedent golf cars. The Precedent golf car also delivers 23 percent more power than competitive vehicles, and offers better acceleration and hill-climbing ability to maneuver your diverse landscape.

The new gas Precedent golf car is designed to be a true 19-mph vehicle with a simple cable change. No gear-set change out that reduces power to the wheels required.

And the new engine is covered by a five-year engine and transaxle warranty, one to two years longer than our competitors’ warranties.

Enduring Vehicles for Your Enduring Land

These innovations were added to others that make the Precedent golf car a top choice for landowners:

  • The industry’s only rustproof, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame engineered to be more impact-resistant than steel. Other golf cars are built on steel frames that tend to corrode in harsh, wet or salty environments.
  • Our exclusive Monsoon Top™ Canopy with drain spouts that channel up to 14 inches of water an hour straight to the ground and not on the passengers.
  • Our SportsDrive™ steering and suspension system that delivers a smoother more automotive ride, even on rough terrain.
  • 3600 bumpers with molded-in color that resists dings and scratches from brambles and brush.

Accessories, Options and Customization

Precedent golf cars accommodate a wide range of options and accessories for work and play. Add a lift kit and all-terrain tires and you’ll have the ground clearance and traction to rip around your land and even cross streams in comfort and style.

If you need a special vehicle for work or play, the engineers in Club Car’s Custom Solutions Department can design a unique vehicle just for you. If you can dream it, they can build it.

It’s your land. It’s your story. Tell it your way.

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