Intriguing Native American History & Emotion is Found in Broken Trust by Shannon Baker

Intriguing Native American History & Emotion is Found in Broken Trust by Shannon Baker

 ~Book Review by Amy Lignor

broken-trustNora Abbott is trying to start a new life after her husband’s murder. She has taken on rock climbing and hiking atop stunning Mount Evans in Colorado…and trying not to have a panic attack from the experience.
Here, she meets Petal, a girl who looks like a flower child from the sixties. Petal helps Nora navigate the mountain and also offers her a job. Petal works for a non-profit in Boulder, and this ‘Loving Earth Trust’ is dealing with a problem: their financial director has vanished and they need a new one. Nora seriously considers the job because she needs something to keep her busy even though she is far too over-qualified. Not to mention, she’s dealing with the constant panic attacks and visions of a Kachina doll that keep her off-balance.

Taking the job, she discovers trouble. Nora finds that some on the Board expect her to ‘fudge’ the financials in order to make them look as if they’re running in the black. Not to mention, a huge project run by a woman named Sylvia is part of the financial oddities.

When the missing director suddenly turns up dead on the grounds, Sylvia is suspected. It doesn’t help that she has been spending the grant money on personal items for her office. Sylvia tries to hang the blame on Nora, as she is the last hire and holds the job of the deceased.
Poor Nora is missing that scary mountain. Not only is she dealing with this, but she has an overbearing mother who won’t leave her alone. A friend of hers, a Hopi Indian, is receiving warnings for Nora from a man who died years ago, and Nora is completely messed up by it all.

This is an intriguing plot with characters you will love and hate at the same time. For the history buffs out there, this is a wonderful story of Hopi myths, and for the mystery gurus, there is a little corporate greed and murder to go along.

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