A pics worth a thousand words, specially when you write it in the sky!


A pics worth a thousand words, specially when you write it in the sky!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream Ahh, Here we go!


Now it doesn’t surprise me that every day something new comes out in technology to capture our attention. As a matter of fact, they have a big show in Las Vegas happening this week called the CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. There, they have the latest and great items, Toys, to capture or should I says hold our attention hostage right there on display.But something happened this last week at the Rose Bowl Parade that well, No social media or modern day device could have topped. It even pulled the attention from the Rose Bowl Parade; now that’s not easy to do.

Of course, it could be because this stunt caused everyone to look up instead of down like we do at the beginning of each year. Mainly cause we’re looking at our scales.  Anyway, this old school stunt was skywriting. And, it wasn’t “I love you”, or “will you marry me”, Nope, it was saying how America was beautiful. A nice way to start the new year right.  Oh wait, here’s the rest of the message:  America is Beautiful, Trump is disgusting.Now, I have nothing to say about Mr Trump, cause that would lead you to think that this cowboy has feelings about this potential president. But, before my right wing friends start Facebooking, and creating liberal bashing blogs,  let it be known, that the millionare that funded this “air quote” was a Rubio supporter.Which goes to show ya, that adage “ Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Might not be that old anymore when it comes to politics.


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