Don’t Hurt Yourself Before the Work-Out Begins

  News from It’s a common understanding that stretching is necessary before heading into that ultimate work-out that causes the sweat to run, the pounds to be lost, and the muscles to become firmer. An important fact that has become overlooked is that when stretching, there are ways to make errors that end up hurting […]

Tuna on Top

  Pop, Pop, Wow! What a Way to Fool a Pelagic Gamefish There is nothing more exciting than witnessing a fish rush to the surface and explode on a surface plug! It is every angler’s dream scenario. Now, if that fish happens to be a tuna, you can up the excitement level by a factor […]

On-the-water Decisions Never End for Bass Tournament Pros

  Yamaha Pro Brandon Palaniuk Relies On Experience, Instinct to Guide Him It’s a hot, humid, windless morning on South Carolina’s Santee-Cooper Lakes, the final day of the 2020 Bassmaster® Elite Series tournament, and as he idles out from the boat dock Brandon Palaniuk has less than 10 seconds to decide whether to run up […]

Winterize Your Yamaha Four-Cylinder Outboard

Yamaha offers a popular line of four-cylinder four-stroke outboards that are used in a wide range of single and twin installation applications, in both fresh and saltwater, all over the world. From pontoons to center consoles, bass boats to work skiffs and even water taxis, they are great performers and real workhorses. The most popular […]

Upgrade Your Electronics to Catch More Fish

Upgrade Your Electronics to Catch More Fish Today’s marine electronics give anglers the tools needed to skip the lengthy search for fish


  Getting busy in Bellingham is really easy to do It certainly gets challenging to find places and events around Washington State to attend due to the Covid-19 situation. Regardless if you believe the numbers or not, the reality in many cities across the state are playing it a bit “safer” and conducting many events […]

Justin Lucas Wins Smallmouth Shoot-Out

Justin Lucas Wins Smallmouth Shoot-out in Bass Pro Tour FinalYamaha Pro Tops 100 Pounds Twice In Sturgeon Bay EventIf you think catching five or even 10

Justin Atkins – Yamaha Power Pay “Power Paid”

Justin Atkins – Yamaha Power Pay “Power Paid” Needing a new outboard in the middle of the season isn’t exactly ideal for a professional angler,

Yooneek FIR-SKIN T+ Gloves

Yooneek FIR-SKIN T+ Gloves  Access A Heat Source You Did Not Know You Had For Warm HandsWeather you are working a topwater bait at dawn or braving a blizzard

College Graduates Showcase Their Hard Work in Frames by Artomé

A perfect gift idea or a college graduate’s best way to show off their achievements!

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