Big tuna no match for Tidewater 232 CC Adventure


By Sam  Rutherford

Bostonian Bill Besinger is a commercial fisherman specializing in catching bluefin tuna. While that’s not an unusual occupation for his area, what does stand out is the boat he uses to ply his trade.

While 36-foot and much bigger sport fishermen-class boats are common, Besinger lands 600-pound range bluefin tuna from a 23-footer, designed for inshore and near-offshore fishing. For him, big tuna pays the bills, while the average angler sharing his size of boat fishes for the pure enjoyment of catching striped bass and bluefish.

Tidewater 232 CC Adventure is his boat of choice for the grueling demands required to make a living as a commercial fisherman. Besinger can’t choose which days he ventures out into Cape Cod Bay and points beyond.

“Especially here I Massachusetts, people think of a 23-foot boat for striped bass, bluefish, bottom species,” said Besinger. “They don’t think of taking a boat that size, with a single outboard, and going offshore to catch a 600-pound fish, but that’s what I do, and I have fun doing it.”

The reason why that is possible is the distinctive Carolina Flair design, which sets up the dry ride by directing waves away from the hull using reverse chines. Tidewater likes to appropriately call that feature the Dry Chine Ride. An ultra-strong stringer system absorbs wave shock and is filled with foam to reduce noise and vibration.

“In September, October, and November, the wind shifts to the northeast, and the Carolina Flair really comes into play by allowing us to stay dry, which is important when water temps dip below 60 degrees,” said Besinger. “The hull design also allows us to fish longer because we aren’t uncomfortable, freezing cold, and that can mean the difference between a catch or going home.”

The interior layout is designed for leisure angling, yet the available space in the cockpit is equally as perfect for fighting and handling 600-pound tuna.

“The 8′ 10″ beam allows us to move around comfortably, and gives us the ability to fight that size of fish even from the bow,” he said. “The maneuverability of being able to stay on a fish like that, and bring them in on the bow rod holder is impressive.”

What else is impressive is how the boat—and crew—lands a 600-pound-class tuna into a 23-foot boat. Besinger, sometimes fishing solo, uses a console-mounted block and tackle rig to bring the fish over the rail and into the boat.

“I’ve seen other boats list to one side with this setup, but I never do that, again because of the extra-wide and stable beam,” said Besinger.

The Tidewater 232 CC does double duty in this case, providing a dependable boat for work while being designed to take on anything the hardcore saltwater angler can take on, and do it in the absolute luxury that goes into every Tidewater Boat.

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