Branson’s Got Stars, Shows and Summer-Ending Fun for the Entire Family


Branson’s Got Stars, Shows and Summer-Ending Fun for the Entire Family

~ By Burt Carey


Live music? Check.

Theme parks? Check.

Fishing? Check.

Golf? Check.

Horseback riding? Check.

Fine dining? Check.

Shopping, zip lines, kayaking and spas? Check, check, check, check.

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Can there really be one place with all of that, and more? Yes. Welcome to Branson, Missouri, the Heartland’s vacation hot spot where tens of thousands of families come to be entertained, wined, dined, and sent home rested and looking forward to their next visit.


It can all be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, there’s plenty of help. First, you could go to and surf the hundreds of web pages to your heart’s content. Or, you can call 800-554-7952 toll free and use the promo code 7Y7PFL to get local advice and free travel planning.


You could, of course, keep reading here…


Gas prices are expected to fall after Sept. 15, when the nation’s gas stations begin using winter-blend fuels that are less expensive than summer fuels. That and a glut of crude oil on the market is expected to lead to some of the cheapest gas at the pump customers have seen in years.


“What great news that is for those who are traveling to Branson for vacation,” said Annette Wood, the director of sales and marketing for the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services. “When you combine the lower gas prices with the fact that Branson is one of the top two value cities in America for lodging and the reasonableness of the prices for Branson shows, attractions and other activities, it really makes Branson a great vacation value.”


Wood points out that those who have been to Branson are aware of all it has to offer, but that there are many located within less than a day’s driving distance of Branson who have yet to experience its natural beauty, fun, adventure, excitement and live entertainment.


Along with lower gas prices and the inherent value offered throughout Branson, visitors can save even more of their hard-earned money by working with a company like Branson Tourism Center (BTC) that offers vacation packages: shows, lodging, attractions and other activities bundled together at a discount compared to buying them individually.


Shows, as in live shows. One hundred of them.


And trips to Lake Taneycomo and Table Rock Lake for fishing kayaking, boating, water skiing and other watersports.


If ever you’ve sought a vacation destination that offers world-class indoor entertainment at night in virtually every musical or theatric genre you can imagine, and outdoor activities in cool, clean, fresh water, Branson delivers. And getting around town is perhaps the easiest of it all.


“Compared to a lot of destination cities, navigating around Branson is a joy,” said Tammy Johnson, the director of operations for the BTC. “The relatively compact size of its entertainment district, route numbering and colored route system makes it very easy to efficiently find and get to Branson’s shows, attractions, shopping, lodging or just about any other place you would want to go.”


The major north-south route through Branson is Highway 65 and Branson’s major east-west route is Route 76. East from that junction leads to historic downtown Branson, Lake Taneycomo, Branson Landing and the Branson Convention Center. West leads to the famous Branson Strip, located on Route 76, Branson’s major attractions such as the Titanic Museum Attraction, Tanger Mall, White Water and, farther west, Shepherd of the Hills and Silver Dollar City.


Branson’s system of colored routes makes it easy to find where you want to go and how to get there. They generally parallel Route 76, running east and west, with the Yellow Route south of Highway 76 and the Blue and Red routes to the north. “A little time spent familiarizing oneself with these colored routes can go a long way toward making travel around Branson more efficient, minimizing involvement with traffic congestion and timely arrivals,” Johnson added.


Millions of tourists trek to Branson every year because it’s close no matter where you call home, and because of its diversity of activities for couples as well as families. And as the leaves on the trees start turning color this fall, there’s another reason a visit to the Ozarks might be part of your vacation plans this year.

Branson, Missouri, Vacation, Hot Spots, vacation packages, family destinations, trip planning



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