California’s Top Celebrities Join Cannabis Brands

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When it comes to the ever-growing number of investors in the cannabis industry, one sector that is also growing rapidly comes from the number of celebs – actors, sports heroes, stars of stage and screen – that have started their very own brand. Brands that are becoming more and more popular with consumers because of the all-star names behind them.

Think about it, in only a month the states of New York, Virginia, and New Mexico all passed marijuana reform bills; a total of 17 states (this includes D.C.) have all jumped on board and legalized cannabis for adult use. Marijuana has most definitely gone mainstream, and continues to do so, attracting notable names and their very own ventures into the world of cannabis.

Let’s start with one that seems like he was a brand in his own right. Garcia Handpicked is the brand and it is based on the one and only, Jerry Garcia. Trixie Garcia is the owner of the brand/company and she launched a line of cannabis flowers, pre-rolls and gummies under her father’s name. There’s even a great letter on the website, itself, from his family that states: “Dear Jerry — we hope we did you proud!” The brand promises one and all Deadheads (and, yes, there are still a ton of them), that this brand is the ultimate high. The products are also eco-friendly and high-quality. Best part? An Airstream named “Bertha” will be traveling around the country filled with merchandise, music and ‘a bit of magic and bliss’ for all who come out to see her. Tours have already been booked in California and Massachusetts, the first two markets that will receive the Garcia Handpicked brand for sale. Talk about a legend still going strong, this is one brand that shows it’s possible to be alive long after your physical being has left.

Another name certainly associated with the industry at one time, Belushi, also has its own brand. Under the name Belushi’s Farm, it is brother Jim who’s cultivating cannabis on ninety-three acres of land located on the banks of the Rogue River in Southern Oregon’s Banana Belt. Jim is an actor turned weed farmer, and takes this role extremely seriously. Jim states: “I’ve done an in-depth study to learn the heart of the plant. You have to grow it to know it. I’ve studied the values, the science, the medicine, the agriculture, and the context of the pathway to healing that cannabis offers. This is personal for me and so many others around the world. Everyone is dealing with traumas and honoring this plant that is a pathway to healing—to reverse stigma, to unite people.” Belushi’s Farm is home to many products and many strains, including Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica (AKA: “The Smell of SNL” in the 1970’s).

A rapper who is associated with the industry is one, Snoop Dogg. This awesome rapper and musician has produced a brand called Leafs. His own media company, Merry Jane, has a CBD e-commerce platform; and he even co-founded an investment fund that has managed to build to a point where it’s now worth $200 million dollars. Add to all that the fact that Snoop was recently reported to be the one who convinced right-wing billionaire Charles Koch to back a coalition for federal marijuana legalization. This is one celeb that has thrown himself completely into the industry, and in making sure it survives in order to give the consumer what they want.

In the world of sports, you will uncover the brand Viola that is backed by NBA star Al Harrington. This is one man who was ahead of everybody else when it came to legalizing weed in order to help others. Founding Viola in 2011, came after seeing his grandmother find relief from the pain of glaucoma simply by using medical marijuana. His voice remains strong and adamant that Viola is not another “celebrity brand,” it’s something far more than that. In his own words, he said Viola was not “a money grab.” He went on to say that the company wanted to “talk about impacting people affected by the War on Drugs.” It was only last year that Mr. Harrington started up a philanthropic initiative called ‘Viola Cares’, which focuses on helping former prisoners’ transition back into society. With a full line of products that range from concentrates to flower strains, Viola Brands can be found in California, Colorado, Oregon, Michigan, and Oklahoma.

These celebs are only just a few out there who are jumping on the proverbial bandwagon and introducing brands to the industry. To find out more ‘celebrity-status’ cannabis products, look online and find the long lists that continue to get longer as the industry expands.

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