Artomé Frames Represent a Truly “Heartfelt” Gift

  A great gift idea for someone special in your life! By Amy Lignor No one can argue the fact that, throughout the roller-coaster called life, the one thing you can always hang onto is memories, and the new “Heartfelt” Collection from Artome is the perfect way to preserve a special time in someone’s life! The “Heartfelt” […]

What a great NEW way to display your LIFESTYLE with Artome Frames

  Artome unveils their new “Lifestyle Collection” of frames   Artomé has expanded its incredible line of frames, and the all-new “Lifestyle” Collection is one of their most popular! Purchasing a frame from the trendy “Lifestyle” collection not only gives you the perfect way to display pictures of fun events, sports, or life’s coolest moments but also […]

Yooneek FIR-SKIN T+ Gloves

Yooneek FIR-SKIN T+ Gloves  Access A Heat Source You Did Not Know You Had For Warm HandsWeather you are working a topwater bait at dawn or braving a blizzard

Artomé Expands to Open a New Store on Shopify!

New frame “Collections” from Artome are perfect for your most precious memories

Artomé: New Options for your 2020-21 School Art Show-Book NOW!

  Schedule your in-school Art Show with the option of switching to an Online Art Show if necessary During these uncertain times, we know schools are adjusting to lots of different possibilities. Trust that Artome is doing the same. We know that displaying student artwork is still a critical element to Art Education and that fundraising will be […]

Aspen’s C120 delivers unparalleled performance and range

Aspen’s C120 delivers unparalleled performance and range with all the comforts and accommodations cruisers want. By Ron Parker Sometimes you want to have your cake and eat it too, but is that possible? Aspen Power Catamarans thinks it is. The Aspen C120 combines performance, range and fuel economy with a remarkable amount of living space […]

Airborne Wireless Network Stops the “Space Junk”

People want facts. In 2018, whether you are talking about business and industry or population figures and locations, data is what the world seeks. Companies that are synonymous with originality, skill, and cleverness understand these facts, and they know how to “fix” things that are most assuredly broke. Airborne

Airborne Wireless Network Brings Reliability to Rural Areas

Internet, cell-phones – these ‘types’ of technology are what most people take for granted while living in 2018. Not too long ago, however, if you had mentioned these paths of communication, people would not have known what on earth you were talking about. But being that

Airborne Wireless Network: Real-time Performance That Never Fails

A truth everyone knows (and everyone gets more than a little annoyed about) is that when it comes to digital networks, there is always some roadblock that can stop a wireless connection from working mid-stream. Mother Nature presents her strikes; the weather can turn in an instant, providing

Consumer Bravery & Voice Apps ‘Call’ for 2018 Sales to Rise

Yes, the truth is already out there. Whether you follow Kiplinger’s reports and forecasts, MarketWatch, or any one of the slew of companies that follow consumer spending, it is relatively easy to see what the upcoming fourth quarter retail sales will be for the U.S. of A. Not to mention, how the holiday season

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