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By Sam Rutherford


There is more to boating than launching the boat, cruising and enjoying watersports with family and friends, and then putting it back on the trailer until the next adventure. Above all else, boating is meant to be fun—and safe—and knowing the basics of both is a must for new boaters.

How do you choose the right life jacket? What is a marine VHF radio, and how do you operate it? How do you prepare for boating during hurricane season? Those are common questions encountered by new boaters, and they can find expert advice about such topics and more from a monthly newsletter launched just in time for the season. It is called America’s Boating Compass, and is published online by America’s Boating Club®.

The newsletter is the go-to resource for new boaters and those getting back into boating. The current issue addresses hurricane preparedness for coastal boaters, the basics of communicating with marine radios, finding the right life jacket, and finding boating safety courses. Find out more and subscribe at

Educating boaters has been the goal now for over 100 years for America’s Boating Club. The COVID-19 pandemic might have suspended in-person classes, but there are plenty of opportunities to learn from home. Boaters can take one of 10 interactive online seminars about a host of topics. From how to use GPS devices and marine radios, to marine weather for boaters and more are among the topics. Boaters also have access to instructional videos online on America’s Boating Channel.

America’s Boating Club is for boaters of any skill level, from coastal to inland waterways. The club brings boaters together to improve their skills, make social connections, and better enjoy the boating lifestyle. Members benefit from savings and value on products and services from top-boating organizations, such as discounts on products, boating insurance, travel and lodging, and more. The benefits of membership add up, and so does the enjoyment of boating. Learning boating skills, engaging in fun boating activities, and connecting with the boating community. You can do all that and more by belonging to America’s Boating Club.

Becoming a member is easy. Find out how at


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