Now is the Time for Amazon Prime

  Now is the Time for Amazon Prime  


Hard to believe, but the holidays are rapidly approaching!  Now is the time to start exploring the best options and programs for online shopping to deliver the greatest selection, service and cost savings to maximize the power of your household budget. As a “beginning online shopper” over the last few years, I find myself ordering more online than actually traveling to retail stores. With the holidays approaching, online purchasing of gifts, supplies or even stocking up on wrapping paper, makes the rush of the upcoming holidays a bit easier to manage and save a few dollars is even better. I shop most of the time because it is easy to find gifts, books, equipment, outdoor gear, clothing, tools, and key brands our household desires with a simple click. Plus, with Amazon Prime, I can save even more when shopping! One of the areas all “internet shoppers” express concerns about is the actual cost of a purchase when adding the cost of shipping to the purchase.  Regardless of the great product or price, we may find online, by the time we add shipping costs, sometimes the great deal is not exactly what we expected. Amazon Prime is a great solution for this concern! Amazon Prime made a massive difference in my shopping behaviors. Let’s face it, even if we enjoy going to a store to shop, see it, touch it or explore the variety of a product line; Amazon offers a great diversity of products and services for every shopper.  Who has the time or desire to pay more for items at a brick and mortar store? Plus, how many times have you had friends tell you they went to a store to see an ‘item” but then came home to order it online due to the savings? It happens. The convenience to shop online, great return policies and much more is just a click away every day at Being an Amazon Prime customer, eligible purchases may earn free two-day shipping and this benefit can pay for itself quickly! How many times have you ordered from an online website a product that may cost $20.00 but are hit with a $5.00 or more shipping cost? Shipping charges can break the bank! With a household of six, we order a case of paper towels and toilet paper almost every month. We save a significant amount of money for these everyday consumables by purchasing all of it on Amazon, plus it is shipped to my door for free in two days with Amazon Prime. The total cost savings and convenience is exactly what all of us expect with online purchases and is “home run” for our family. Plus, with school, clothes and the upcoming holidays, eligible free shipping really helps the household budget. Amazon Prime offers, even more, benefits, including unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video, plus many other options, features and so much more for a very low price. Check out Amazon Prime for a great program cost and benefits that will make a positive impact on your household and holiday expenses. An Amazon Prime account typically costs $10.99 a month, or you can purchase annually for $99.00. If you consider how many items you may be ordering online from Amazon now as well as for the holidays, the potential shipping costs you save combined with great product prices will more than cover the cost of Amazon Prime. Get a jump on holiday shopping by making your first purchase this shopping season Amazon Prime! With the savings, benefits, ease of shopping, a variety of products and services coupled with the time you save, Amazon Prime is a great way to make your online holiday shopping experience even better!

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