Surfing & Fishing on the Popular Paddle Board!


By Amy Lignor

Everyone, from sports enthusiasts to those who yearn to catch that monster trout, has made paddleboards so popular that they’ve moved past “trend” to become a “must-have” item in 2020. Great for saltwater and freshwater, paddleboards have become the biggest segment in the SUP (Stand-up Paddle) industry. However, they have even caught the eye of the angler who wants something unique and reliable when they head out to hunt down their catch.

Before shopping for a paddleboard, there’s data you should know before making your final decision. It’s a fact that there are three different types of SUPs to choose from: Epoxy Boards, Inflatable SUP Boards, and Soft Top Boards. The difference between these SUPs is that they’re all constructed of various materials, meaning that they will perform slightly different from one another. So, depending on your needs, one type of SUP is definitely better suited to you.

Looking at the epoxy paddleboard, you’re looking at the ‘traditional hard paddleboard’. Constructed of EPS foam and multiple layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin to prevent scrapes and other minor damages, these SUPs are lightweight and more durable. Being extremely maneuverable, their specific shape allows for additional glide, which means if you’re looking to take a long-distance paddling journey, this is the one to choose.

Inflatable SUPs have become highly popular because they’re the easiest to store at home, and transport to and from the water. By merely pumping up the board to the suggested PSI, you’re then ready to get out on the water. What comes as a surprise is that they are just as firm as epoxy boards because they’re constructed with drop stitch technology and high-density PVC layers. Colorful and modern, these are also great for beginners.

Last, but not least, is the soft top paddleboard, which follows the same concept as the soft-top surfboard. With the front deck made of soft foam material, this SUP remains firm because the core of the board is constructed of an EPS high-density foam with a supporting piece running down the center of the board, known as a stringer.

For the fishing enthusiast –whether hunting down bonefish in salt flats or venturing into the river for trout – paddleboard fishing offers ease and challenge. BOTE is a company that has “defined” the fishing SUP. From the Tackle Rac, Bucket Rac, and Sandspear; to a motorized micro skiff for those who want to cover the most ground, BOTE has brought about innovative products that can handle any gear you have.

One other aspect of the industry to learn is the difference between ocean and lake paddle boarding. Ocean paddleboarding offers many variables to consider, seeing that the ocean is unpredictable with weather changes, rising tides, currents, and diverse marine life. Make sure to monitor these things before heading out on your SUP. In addition, depending on your location, a wetsuit and life jacket may also be necessary for safety and to keep warm.

When it comes to the lake, surprisingly, all SUPs will work well. However, the top choice for fishing or leisure lake paddling comes in the form of the inflatable paddleboard for the ease of movement to and from the water and their durability.

No matter what adventure you wish to take, make sure to get the right SUP to have a perfect day of fishing, paddling, and fun!

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