Suspense Readers Will Love The Last Death of Jack Harbin

Suspense Readers Will Love The Last Death of Jack Harbin

 ~ Book Review by Amy Lignor

TomTheLastDeathofJackHarbinTaking place in the Lone Star State, a locale that literally lives for football, this author focuses on the small town of Jarrett Creek and their local high school football team.


Former police chief, Samuel Craddock, is a very likable man and is the one everyone turns to in a crisis. In this story, Sam is the one called on to locate the killer of a wounded Gulf War veteran who’s found brutally murdered.


Going back to the beginning, Jack Harbin and Woody Patterson were 18-year-old football stars who decided to sign up for the Army. Sadly, Woody, who was ‘gung ho’ to serve was rejected, and Jack, who was not too enthusiastic to be a soldier was accepted and sent to the Middle East.


Woody ended up marrying the girl that both were in love with, while Jack was seriously injured in battle and came home badly damaged, having lost his leg and, even worse, his eyesight.


A crime is committed when the whole town becomes livid with the local coach because he takes the quarterback out of the Friday night game causing them to lose. Not used to losing, it seems everyone is gunning to get rid of the coach…or at least make his life miserable. Oddly enough, the victim of murder is Jack, not the coach, and the ex-chief is asked by the townspeople to investigate.


Reluctant, Sam takes on the investigation and finds out there are more than a few secrets and suspects buried in the tiny town; and what appears to be friends and neighbors, turn out to be harboring anger and resentment that causes a wealth of suspects.


Extremely well-written, this murder is fast-paced and a whole lot of fun as it delves into the lives of ordinary folk, proving to the reader that even in a nondescript town people are capable of just about anything…on the gridiron or off.


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