The Ultimate Traveler’s Bucket List


The Ultimate Traveler’s Bucket List

by Amy Lignor


For many people, the organization UNESCO is one they rely on to see the most majestic and amazing sites ever to be located in recorded history. Well, this organization that is an official “protector” of ancient realms has now presented its newest list of World Heritage Sites that should positively gain spots on all Journeymen’s (or women’s) ultimate bucket lists!


UNESCO, World Heritage Sites, outstanding value to humanity, majestic & amazing sites, global locations, historical and cultural, natural,manmadeThese global locations fall into categories covering historical and cultural, natural and manmade, and are all judged to be “of outstanding value to humanity.” Diverse, breathtaking—from ancient volcanoes to deep caves, these sites are significant. And even though some reside in countries where American travelers have been warned not to visit, UNESCO does offer virtual trips on their own website that you just can’t miss! Below are just a few of the 21 fabulous new “must-see” locales.


Ani, Turkey, is known as The City of 1,001 Churches. Although almost demolished by an earthquake in 1319, the archaeological site at this medieval city is amazing to see and learn about.


The Antigua Naval Dockyard (Antigua and Barbuda) is a harbor decorated with Georgian-style structures nestled in a narrow inlet on Antigua Island.


In the stunning country of Greece, the archaeological site of Philippi can be found. Macedonian King Philip II “built” this walled city around 356 BC and, by doing this, created a “tiny” Rome. Paul, the Apostle, visited once and after he departed this city was transformed into a central core for the Christian faith.


In the United Kingdom resides Gorham’s Cave Complex. Found buried inside the famous Rock of Gibraltar are four caves where researchers and archaeologists have found data regarding Neanderthal’s that occupied the area over 125,000 years ago.


Almost 100 islets, constructed by human hands, can be visited off the coast of Nan Madol, Micronesia. The remains and artifacts found at this unforgettable site consist of stone temples, palaces and tombs. But this is one that must be placed high atop your bucket list, because if climate change and coastal erosion issues get any worse, this site of Pohnpei will cease to exist.


Heading to Brazil, the traveler can have a ball at the Pampulha Modern Ensemble. Although not a major historical site, this fun cultural center (built approximately around 1940) is an odd yet memorable site created by a collection of artists. A casino, a Yacht Club, a grand ballroom, even the São Francisco de Assis church, are positioned around a glistening artificial lake. This is one site you just have to take a gander at.

In a remote area, Archipiélago de Revillagigedo in Mexico to be exact, there are four islands that make up parts of a submerged mountain range. Each peak emerging from the water are the tips of actual volcanoes rising from the sea. From birds to marine life, including manta rays, whales and sharks, these islands represent a must-survive habitat for species that are quickly disappearing elsewhere.


You have to love the name alone when it comes to this location: Mistaken Point, Canada. Sea cliffs, a coastline of jagged and dangerous rocks, blankets of fog that crop up and cause sailors havoc as they cloak the hazards of the shoreline. This is a site where archaeologists have discovered some of the largest and oldest fossils in the world. Visiting this place is a wonder as you walk along and know that you are stepping on land that was frequented by creatures over 560 million years ago.


In central-eastern China, two sites have been added to the World Heritage List, found in Hubei Shennongjia. These ancient, protected forests play home to some of the rarest species in the world. From the Golden monkey to the Asian Black bear; from the Clouded leopard to the Chinese Giant Salamander, these forests are filled with magnificent animals that can’t be seen anywhere else.


Two must-see sites can be found in the country of India. The first, Khangchendzonga National Park, is comprised of lakes, glaciers, caves, rivers and other amazing natural formations longer than your arm. Nestled in the center of the Himalayan Mountains, this is not only a traveler’s dream, this is definitely an outdoor lover’s paradise.


The second site is Nalanda Mahavihara. Unlike the outdoor paradise, this is an ancient university that dates back to the 3rd century BCE. A highly-praised monastic and scholastic institution, visitors can view historical remnants made of stucco, metal and stone.


There are many other sites that make up these “newest” additions to the UNESCO World Heritage List, and each one should most definitely be seen. But if an “in person” visit can’t be done, make sure that virtual tour definitely rates a date on your calendar.


UNESCO, World Heritage Sites, outstanding value to humanity, majestic & amazing sites, global locations, historical and cultural, natural,manmade

Source:  Baret News

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