Weight-loss Vacations to Help with Your New Year’s Resolution


Weight-loss Vacations to Help with Your New Year’s Resolution

By Burt Carey

Fitness centers love January. After all, that’s the month of the Big American Weight-loss Resolution.

Whether it’s a few extra pounds put on over the holidays or a desire to lose serious weight, Americans will spend millions of dollars in the coming weeks taking out memberships to stand in line for a stationary bike, treadmill and other fat-burning machines.

1-1256217176zbgkThe problem is, most will lose interest in a couple of weeks. By March you’ll be able to hop from machine to machine at will in fitness centers that worked to capacity in mid-January.

If you’re truly serious about your New Year’s resolution to lose weight this year, it’s time to for a weight-loss vacation at a spa that caters to those exact needs. Here are three of the best.

Canyon Ranch

Tucson, Arizona

Built on a former cattle ranch turned guest ranch turned health resort and spa, Canyon Ranch in Tucson sits on 150 acres in the Sonoran Desert. Here guests pay an all-inclusive rate to enjoy superb accommodations matched with daily activities built around a lifestyle management course.

What makes Canyon Ranch so special is its staff of professionals, from medical doctors to exercise physiologists, nutritionists, life management specialists, spiritual wellness practitioners and behavioral therapists. Guests are first evaluated medically, and then a program director creates individualized nutrition and fitness courses.

A Canyon Ranch health resort stay is truly all-inclusive – with accommodations, all meals, dozens of activities and classes daily, and complimentary use of all facilities. A 7-night package costs $9,260 for a single or $7,630 per person for double occupancy. Executive and luxury 1- and 2-bedroom packages are also available.

“It’s the habits and related routines that promote our health as opposed to willpower that can be derailed by negative emotions and stressors,” said Dr. Param Dedhia, the weight loss program leader. “Perfection is not required. We tend to dwell on mistakes and fears which in turn can make us feel like quitting our routine. Every day is a new opportunity to practice a better lifestyle.”

The Ranch at Live Oak

Malibu, California

The 120-acre Ranch at Live Oak rests in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, some three miles from the Pacific Ocean.

This resort pulls no punches about its fitness/wellness immersion program, in which guests must commit to a minimum of one week: “In one intensive week at our luxury bootcamp, you will gain physical endurance, shed unwanted pounds, tone up and detoxify in a healthy and sustainable way all while ‘getting off the grid’ and back to nature.”

Guests will spend their time in low impact, moderate activity, not in short bursts of intense, injury-prone activity. Stimulating your mind and body through sustainable exercise will enhance your metabolism, cleanse and detoxify your body, allow for healthy weight loss, and offer a heightened sense of mental wellness, clarity and serenity. The daily massage (included) is also a plus.

The Ranch website contains an excellent selection of frequently asked questions with straight-forward answers that will let you know in a few minutes whether you are up to the challenge.

The rate for one week is $6,800; two weeks, $12,620; three weeks, $18,440; and four weeks for $24,260.

Hilton Head Health

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head Health offers effective personalized weight loss and wellness programs developed through 40 years of experience. Since its opening in 1976, the spa has earned virtually every award and accolade in the fitness/wellness/weight loss industry.

“For our guests, losing weight is not the goal. It’s the result of learning how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle to bring home — a new way to live shaped through optimal fitness, gourmet-quality nutrition, and genuine emotional support.”

The beach and Atlantic Ocean are never far away for guests at H3, who participate in several hours of fitness activities daily. Three meals a day are paired with nutrition seminars and cooking classes to help develop lifestyle habits you can take home following your stay.

The staff at H3 created all new programs in 2015 that can be personalized to fit each guest’s needs. Special rates for those programs are effective through Jan. 16, 2016. Until then, the singles rate for a seven-night stay is $3,700. From Jan. 17 to Dec. 31, 2016, that weekly rate goes up to $4,750. For double occupancy, rates are $3,095 per person per week through Jan. 16. Afterward, they will be $4,000 per person per week.



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